Hey there!

My name is Noelle and welcome to my digital home.

I’m a new blogger and I love to consume and talk (and write) about delicious food and drinks. I’m kind of a flavor junkie, and can go for hours trying to figure out what spices are in a dish or what has been used in a cocktail. One of my favorite things to say while dining out is, “I can make this!” So here is where I’ll share how that turns out.

Dash & Stir is all about bringing things together, and hopefully creating something awesome. Whether it is in a bowl or glass, there’s something magical about adding a few dashes of flavor, mixing it up and creating something delicious! So I’ll create (or recreate) a few dishes and drinks, chat with some creators of delicious food and drinks, highlight some amazing restaurants and bars, and travel to some amazing places to experience flavors around the world!

You know what though? Awesomeness isn’t always served on a plate or in a glass, so I’ll be sharing experiences where I add a little flavor in other areas of my life as well. I’m a mid-westerner living in Chicago, who LOVES new experiences. I do all kinds of activities, crafts (yes to the DIY life), and will take on just about any project (to my detriment at times). I’m also a big reader, so I’ll share book lists and my favorite reads from time to time too. In fact, my very first D&S blog post was my 2018 book list.

So there you have it, I’m a well rounded person who just wants to talk about food and booze all day!


Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you leave hungry!