July Book List + Reading Tips

Your girl has been killing her reading goal for the year in general, but I had a great month in July!  My fellow readers will understand how excited I am about being on task to complete 52 books this year. I haven’t consumed this many books since I was child, […]

Tales of the #BlackStacks

Let’s get in the stacks! In the #BlackStacks to be more specific.  Where are my hardcover book purists? I admit, I used to be right there with you, but the ease of e-books and audiobooks pulls me out of the stacks from time to time. I always make my way […]

Virtual Insanity: The Book Club Edition

One of the best things I’ve done since quarantine began? Join the Virtual Insanity Book Club! My lovers of a good book club will understand and feel this post the most. When you have a good bunch of folks to gossip about characters with, and they can relate to what […]

My 2018 Book List

New Year, New Books! Ahhh yaaaasssss! The smell of fresh book pages! I’m not a hard copy purist, but you can’t deny that there’s something awesome about the smell of a book! For the past few years, I’ve created what I like to call a Foundation List of books that I […]