Midweek Mixup: Old Fashioned

I’m re-fashioning an old fashioned cocktail today!

I know I’m usually mixing up something myself, but today, I honestly just didn’t have it in me. It happens. Does this mean I won’t be having a cocktail? Absolutely not!

Takeout Cocktails

One of the good things born in these crazy times, are takeout cocktails and drink kits in the city of Chicago! Restaurants can now package mixed cocktails! Many are also selling cocktail kits, which can be fun to mix up yourself, but today, your girl is taking the easy route and pouring straight from the bottle!

If you’re having a lazy day like me, or if you miss your favorite sip from your regular spot, see if you can order it as takeout! So, I just realized I wrote a post about breaking up with takeout dinners, and yet, here I am starting up with takeout cocktails.

Cocktails To-Go Experience

These yummy cocktails don’t come cheap, but they do come easy! It doesn’t get much easier than open and pour. Today, we stopped by one of our favorite eateries, Virtue Restaurant and Bar, for a quick order of old fashioneds to go!

Fun fact: I’m in a photo on their homepage! Go see if you can spot me! lol

The old fashioned is such a classic bourbon based drink. Being a standard cocktail means that many places get it wrong, but you definitely remember the places that get it right!

Speaking of getting it right, the version from Virtue which features Old Forester bourbon, demerara and bitters, is pretty solid. The takeout version comes packed in this cute little bottle along with a side of orange peels. It serves two over ice. Serving this post-dinner cocktail is by far the easiest thing I’ve done today!

Restaurants Selling Cocktails To-Go

So where else can you get takeout cocktails and kits? You know I have a list for you! Some of these are my favs like Arbella, and others are on my must get to list like Kumiko.

Dash & Stir picks for Cocktails to Go in Chicago

Virtue Restaurant and Bar D&S Pick: The Old Fashioned

Arbella D&S Pick: I love their Chilcano! Tell Joe I sent you!

Kumiko D&S Pick: Fox and The Hunt (*Black Owned*)

The Violet Hour D&S Pick: Blueridge Manhattan

Lost Lake D&S Pick: A Parrot on Your Shoulder Saying Everything When You Talk (yes, that is the name of the cocktail!)

What say you? Are you ordering cocktails to go, or cocktail kits? Let me hear about it!

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