Ending My Relationship with Takeout

Meal Planning

How does that saying go? Lack of proper planning leads to poor choices. Well, I’m fully convinced they were talking about my relationship with takeout meals! 

Takeout has become more than an acquaintance for us lately, and I have taken a hard look at why this is the case. Y’all, takeout has become bae and I know I’m not the only one.

I vow to pull myself together, and friend zone takeout. I’ll share my plan with you, but if you are ride or die, then this isn’t the post for you. You don’t have to live like this though.

How Our Relationship Began

There are 3 reasons why takeout has become bae. It’s not rocket science. Who wouldn’t be attracted to these qualities?

  1. No preparation is required. It doesn’t require a whole lot of work except deciding what you actually want. 
  2. No time is needed. There’s no work before, and no dishes to do after.
  3. No plan is needed. It definitely doesn’t require a plan, and it loves you for your spontaneity.

Being cognizant of how takeout worked its way in to your life is important. Now you know how to send it back to the friend zone where it belongs. I’m the first to admit that it is tough. We have so many enablers that are pushing for this relationship, and I talked about them in 5 Apps to Get Dinner on the Table. 

Trust me, being booed up with take out is expensive! It’s also not that satisfying, even if they do deliver. I’m telling you, we can do better.

Steps to End This Relationship

  1. Make a plan! As you can see, this is the only step. Meal planning is the key to getting out of this relationship. A few minutes, and a few apps can provide support, but it definitely can be done. To be clear though, I’m not blocking and deleting takeout. I’m just friend zoning it to say, maybe once every 10 days or so. 

Rekindling With Meal Planning

I like meal planning on Sunday because it’s part of Self-Care Sunday! I sit with my morning coffee, and take 30 minutes to get the plan together in five steps.

  1. Examine current options. What’s in the fridge now? What proteins are in the freezer? HelloFresh meals ordered? The answer to these questions set the base for meals for the week. If there’s something I want that I don’t have, I add it to the shopping list. If you ordered meals, this process goes a lot faster! It can also take much longer if you want to be creative and pull recipes from cookbooks or websites. Online sites like The Kitchenista Diaries, Pinch of Yum and Skinnytaste all have great recipes online. 
  1. Accommodate schedules. Granted, we aren’t going many places right now, but we do have online activities. I plan quick prep meals on nights when I have Virtual Insanity book club meetings, or when Michael has game nights. 
  1. Order groceries. I personally prefer to have my groceries because it helps me buy some of my time back. Dash tip: make brunch while you wait for your delivery. I use Instacart and Amazon Prime Fresh. 
  1. Enlist tools! like these handy meal planning sheets from Cloth & Paper! I have tried electronic versions of meal and regular planning, but I keep coming back to paper. This brand makes some amazing products, and the company is Black-owned.
  1. Schedule the date with takeout. We all know you’re going to go back, but plan it. You control this arrangement.

This budding relationship you have with meal planning can still be as fun as your times with takeout, and certainly has its own benefits. 

Declare your relationship. Are you a meal planner, or in love with takeout? 

Disclaimers and whatnot

If you click the Instacart link, you’ll earn $10, and so will I. We can all eat!

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