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What I Learned by Writing 20 Blog Posts This Month

I wrote (and posted) 20 blog posts this month! Yes, let that sink in! TWENTY! If you’re wondering how I did this, stay tuned. I have to say that I’ve surprised myself. Needless to say, I’m proud. Also needless to say, this was like having a part-time job! After hearing […]

July Book List + Reading Tips

Your girl has been killing her reading goal for the year in general, but I had a great month in July!  My fellow readers will understand how excited I am about being on task to complete 52 books this year. I haven’t consumed this many books since I was child, […]

Midweek Mixup: Old Fashioned

I’m re-fashioning an old fashioned cocktail today! I know I’m usually mixing up something myself, but today, I honestly just didn’t have it in me. It happens. Does this mean I won’t be having a cocktail? Absolutely not! Takeout Cocktails One of the good things born in these crazy times, […]

Why HelloFresh Gets My Money

A free HelloFresh box from a friend changed my life. I thought I was above “those meal kit delivery boxes.” I was wrong. It may not be HelloFresh in your case, it may be another supplier, or some other type of service. Trust me though, you may want to think […]

5 Black-Owned Coffee Shops/Cafes in Chicago

Chicagoans (or visitors), these Black-owned coffee shops/cafes are on my list because I haven’t visited them (gasp)! I’ve been living it up in Noe’s Kitchen Cafe lately, lol. Then I thought, if I haven’t been to visit yet (or didn’t know of them), maybe others could benefit from this post […]

DIY Tabletop S’mores

I’ve decided to right a wrong (well not really a wrong), and finally make tabletop S’mores. First, I must admit an embarrasing truth. Confession I never really made S’mores at home growing up as a kid…or as an adult. Sure, I roasted marshmallows (too many times without permission) on the […]

Tales of the #BlackStacks

Let’s get in the stacks! In the #BlackStacks to be more specific.  Where are my hardcover book purists? I admit, I used to be right there with you, but the ease of e-books and audiobooks pulls me out of the stacks from time to time. I always make my way […]

Berry Good Paloma

Who doesn’t love a good paloma?! Add in strawberries and it’s a berry good paloma! If you know me in real life, you likely know me as a bourbon chick. While that’s totally true, I also rock hard with tequila! If you’re also a tequila drinker, you’ll like this one.  […]

Noelle's 1st Half Marathon

Showing Up Consistently

When is the last time you did something consistently for more than a week? People who have trouble showing up consistently to do anything, let’s chat about it. Whether you’re trying to write in your journal daily, or drink your body weight in water daily doesn’t matter. We’re going to […]

Ending My Relationship with Takeout

How does that saying go? Lack of proper planning leads to poor choices. Well, I’m fully convinced they were talking about my relationship with takeout meals!  Takeout has become more than an acquaintance for us lately, and I have taken a hard look at why this is the case. Y’all, […]

Goat Cheese and Red Cherries Ice Cream Cone

5 Ice Cream Shops You Must Visit in Chicago

It’s summer, National Ice Cream Day is approaching, and because it’s delish, duh! Do you really need a reason to want a scoop of ice cream?  If you’re looking for a place to grab a scoop of deliciousness, keep reading! Of course there’s no way I can highlight all of […]

Virtual Insanity: The Book Club Edition

One of the best things I’ve done since quarantine began? Join the Virtual Insanity Book Club! My lovers of a good book club will understand and feel this post the most. When you have a good bunch of folks to gossip about characters with, and they can relate to what […]

Spa Day Mule

I present to you, the Spa Day Mule which is basically Self Care Sunday in a glass. If you’re a fan of a Moscow Mule, and cucumber, you’ll like this one. Well, because that’s basically what it is. I find the cucumber adds a bit of a more refreshing feel. […]

Warranty Woes: A Homeowner’s Cautionary Tale

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when you will feel thankful for your homeowner’s warranty…and then you will be hella disappointed and have warranty woes. If you have ever had to use your homeowner’s warranty, you’ll probably feel a sense of familiarity reading this post. If you’re one […]

Rebooting the Routine

Let’s talk about what happens when you create a routine for yourself, abandon it, and realize that a reboot is oh so necessary.  Those of you who follow morning or evening routines are probably in full gasp mode right now. On the flipside, if you don’t have a routine, or have […]

5 Apps to Get Dinner on the Table

When they say it takes a village, that is the honest truth. No, I don’t have children, but I still need help to make it through the days. A village of apps. There are weeks when I wonder how things are going to get done. Work is crazy, my schedule […]

Dining and Distancing

Restaurants and bars have reopened for dining in, but I have one question: Who all is gonna be there? LOL Listen, I love going out to eat. Whether it is with my fiance, my friends, or by myself, nothing beats the freedom of sitting down to a restaurant prepared meal […]

Meet Your Next Gin Cocktail: The 10N

Did I ever tell you my bartending story? I know I haven’t. LOL Skip to the end, make yourself a gin cocktail, and come back to get the story! This cocktail is for anyone who loves gin. Actually, I take that back. You don’t have to love it, but you […]

My Personal Q3 2020 Goals

Goals? Why? This year is trash! Yes, 2020 has been trash, but I cannot in good conscience throw my whole year away. While Q2 was a total wash, I’ve decided to reinvigorate my Q3 goals. This year is not yet lost! This post is for anyone, who like me, is […]

Re-introducing Noelle

Oh Hey! Welcome Back!

Me in front of the fridge in a red lip and a Gary, IN tee. This pic basically sums up my personality. Oh hey! It’s been a while, so allow me to re-introduce myself…If you didn’t immediately start flowing Jay-Z, who are you even? LOL  If you’re new here, welcome! […]