Rebooting the Routine

Let’s talk about what happens when you create a routine for yourself, abandon it, and realize that a reboot is oh so necessary. 

Those of you who follow morning or evening routines are probably in full gasp mode right now. On the flipside, if you don’t have a routine, or have been thinking about creating one, perhaps you’ll join me in my reboot. 

I’ll warn you though, routines are not a game. When you stick with them, you feel a shift in your energy and feel really good. Your body and mind come to expect those good feelings, so beware of abandonment. It will leave you feeling like you have lost your sense of direction. Ask me how I know! Trust me, this reboot is necessary!

Why a routine?

I like order and routines. They give me the sense of stability that I know I need. Routines keep me grounded and on task. I’m an air sign through and through, so I have to do things to combat my desire to be in the wind.

Over time, I have developed a morning routine that works for me. After completing it, I feel like my spirit is recharged, and I am adequately equipped to move throughout the day. You want to know what it is don’t you? I’ll get to that in a second. I have to tell you something else first.

The Real

I have NOT been doing my morning routine for at least a month or so, and I can tell. I feel off-centered, and I lack focus throughout the day. I even process information differently because I haven’t set my spiritual and mental stage for the day. I sat down at the end of June and tried to figure out what was happening with me, and set my Q3 goals. I realized a few things were missing. I was not following my morning routine, and I wasn’t paying attention to my habits in general. Listen, those two things are important to my mental and spiritual health. 

If they are so important, why did I stop? I know you’re asking this, and you’re not alone. The best answer I have is that I got comfortable. I thought I could take a few days off and be okay. A few days turned into a few weeks, and here we are. I am not okay.

The Reboot

The good news is that restarting the morning routine is an easy fix. I have everything I need to get going including the desire to do it! Here’s my routine:

  • Brew coffee because COFFEE!
  • Drink water because my body needs it.
  • Light a candle (most days this also includes sage or palo santo as well).
  • Open a window (weather permitting) so I can bring the outdoors in.
  • Read Jesus Calling Devotional. One of my dear friends gifted me this devotional years ago, and it has been a staple since then. 
  • Read Tao verse and analysis in Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Game changer! This book really helps me slow down and process my experiences. 
  • Meditate & Pray. Sometimes I do mediation series with Deepak Chopra, sometimes I just meditate on my own. 

I actually rebooted my morning routine today. It took me 30 minutes, and it felt great to get back into it. Do you have a daily routine or ritual that you perform to get yourself together? Drop a comment and let me know what your routine is! If you don’t have one, hopefully you’re inspired to create one. It seems like a small step, but it is a mighty one. 

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