5 Apps to Get Dinner on the Table

When they say it takes a village, that is the honest truth. No, I don’t have children, but I still need help to make it through the days. A village of apps.

There are weeks when I wonder how things are going to get done. Work is crazy, my schedule is crazy, and we still need to eat dinner. I can only imagine what this feels like when you add in children. Shout out to the parents, because you all are the real MVPs.

Yes, I love to cook, but that doesn’t mean I love to cook every single day. If I’ve learned nothing else during this pandemic, it’s that you can get tired of things you love…with the quickness.

While I used all of these apps pre-COVID 19, I have come to rely on a few heavily to reduce my level of human contact. I love my shoppers, and I tip them generously for stepping in and doing the shopping these days.

Yes, I’m sharing links to apps where I may receive a small commission or free service at no cost to you. In fact, you may receive a discount as well. Thanks for clicking!

I am delivered

I didn’t even know I was waiting on Instacart. I used to dream about same day grocery delivery before this app launched. Yes, you pay a little more for groceries, but it is time saver like no other! This app is great for people who are crunched for time, who prefer not to go in grocery stores, or who just don’t feel like leaving the house. Face it, that is all of us at some point.

Plan it, and they shall come

I love a good meal plan, and even will do meal prep. However, there are times when I don’t want to figure it all out. This is where HelloFresh comes in to save the day! Me: You mean I can pick out what meals we want, someone will deliver the ingredients to my house, and this paper will tell me what to do? Perfect! The best part about this one is that fiances who don’t really cook can still make a tasty meal. Don’t tell him I said that. LOL

Not today

Some days even HelloFresh requires too much effort. Drive thrus aren’t my jam, so food delivery apps keep us fed when I just don’t have it. In case you’re wondering, this is at least one night per week, easily. Grubhub, DoorDash, UberEats, and Postmates have a place in my heart. Granted, we will also order takeout from some amazing restaurants here in Chicago, but some nights when driving seems like a chore, these apps show up for us.

Drinks please

We’re doing all of this eating, so you know we have to have a little something to sip on! Drizly is amazing. I remember one day I was having a gathering and forgot to pick up wine. I opened the app, and the wine arrived just before my guests. The bonus here, is that in my area, Drizly delivers from one of my fav black-owned stores, Kimbark Beverage. It’s a built in two-fer!

One last thing…

Speaking of doing double duty, while I’m doing all of this cooking, I need entertainment. Sometimes I cook with music, but I often cook while listening to a book via Audible. It helps me tackle my book goals, and keeps me from burning dinner while dancing. Those dance breaks can end up with a DoorDash order. Ask me how I know. LOL

We are all using some type of help, whether it be human or technology, to get through the day. I swear I have an app (or 5+) for everything. What are some of the apps you use to make your life a bit easier?


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