Dining and Distancing

Yes, rooftops count!

Restaurants and bars have reopened for dining in, but I have one question: Who all is gonna be there? LOL

Listen, I love going out to eat. Whether it is with my fiance, my friends, or by myself, nothing beats the freedom of sitting down to a restaurant prepared meal and cocktail. It’s a whole vibe. However, COVID has changed the game, and the vibe now includes masks and social distancing here in Chicago.

Dining Indoors

I wish I could say that I feel comfortable with dining inside of a restaurant or going to a bar at this stage of reopening, but I don’t. I also don’t know when I will feel good about sitting inside of an enclosed restaurant for a meal. I really wish this wasn’t the case because I miss it so much!

Patio Dining

It’s #summertimechi. We suffer long winters for, and love our summers here in Chicago because it means we can brunch and party on patios. Who doesn’t love a good patio situation? Right now, that would be the people who are still nervous about the spread of this pandemic (aka me.)

I haven’t taken the leap to dine on a patio yet either. I think I’m getting there, but I haven’t yet arrived. The bonus is being outside in fresh air, but I’m still concerned about social distancing. I promise I am intently working on feeling comfortable with patio dining. If I don’t, I’ll miss the whole season, and I don’t think I can do so in good conscience. We are already missing out on so much like these events.

Take Out

For as much as I love to cook, I don’t want to do so multiple times a day, every day! Throughout this shelter-in-place order, my fiance and I have been team takeout at least once a week. Let me tell you; this has been a great season for takeout. I know restaurants were forced to pivot to stay afloat, but I hope with the reopenings, that takeout options are here to stay. Having a much wider pool of options from all over the city for delivery has been amazing. Figure it out y’all please because I need this to remain in my life.

Whatever dining options I choose, safety is always my first concern, pandemic or not. Secondly, I want to make sure to support the places I love so that I can return to my favorite tables and stools and some point. Lastly, I just want to eat and drink well!

In case I take the leap from takeout to patio dining, drop a comment with your fav Chicago patios! Maybe I’ll be inspired to grab dinner al fresco soon!

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