June Eats, Booze & Treats

It’s official, #summertimechi has begun! Well, it’s not officially summer until later this month, but summer vibes are in full effect.While we’re waiting for the weather to catch on to the vibe, let’s get our calendars together! June is LIT with food and booze events. We’ve already missed a few (my bad that I’m late with my post), but there are so many still to come!

To help us all be prepared to show up and experience all that #summertimechi has to offer, I’ve created the Dash & Stir Eats, Booze and Treats List! Yes, my list is called an EBT because it’s getting re-upped monthly (the re-up is real!) Every month, I’ll drop a list, complete with links, to all of the foodie events (or food related) of which I’m aware. If I miss something, or you have an event you want featured, just drop me a line. Easy breezy, right?!

Alright, here’s my list as of today, complete with dates and links. But ummm, I know lists are boring, so I created a fun image for you (keep scrolling). 

1 Chicago Ale Fest

1-2 Hyde Park Brew Fest

1-2 57th Street Art Fair

4 Black Panther @ Millenium Park

7-9 Chicago Blues Festival

8 Wells Street Art Fest

9 Bobby McFerrin @ Ravinia  

11-12 Lionel Richie @ Ravinia

14 Buddy Guy @ Ravinia

14-16 Taste of Randolph

14-16 Ribfest Chicago

15 Chicago Taco & Tequila Fest

16 Real Men Cook

18 Hyde Park Chamber Council 53rd St. Dinner Crawl

22 Passport Vibes Afrobeats Street Festival

22 Vegandale Food & Drink Festival

22-23 Food Truck Festival

22-23 Pride Fest

28-30 Millennium Art Festival

29-30 Randolph Street Market

I have this pic saved to my phone, so it’s handy. Cute, right?

Since your June “in these streets” schedule is underway, comment below and let us know what foodie events you’re planning to attend this month! 

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