Oh Hey! Welcome Back!

Re-introducing Noelle
Me in front of the fridge in a red lip and a Gary, IN tee. This pic basically sums up my personality.

Oh hey! It’s been a while, so allow me to re-introduce myself…If you didn’t immediately start flowing Jay-Z, who are you even? LOL 

If you’re new here, welcome! If you’re not, welcome back! I know I have some explaining to do. I’ll get to that in just a bit. 

Hey! I’m Noelle. I am a food and beverage enthusiast and love to talk all things related. Whether it’s visiting new restaurants or bars, concocting new recipes, creating kitchen storage solutions, or traveling for new cuisines, I share with anyone who will listen. 

I’m all about exploring new things and sharing my experiences with others. If I can help someone make an informed decision about where to go for dinner, what cocktails are great for a date night in, or where they can find a black owned kitchen products, then I am satisfied. 

In addition to being an F & B enthusiast, I also love a good book, as mentioned in a previous post. Toss in home life, personal reflections, and travel (if we can ever get past COVID outbreaks) and you have Dash & Stir. It’s truly the place where it all comes together. 

For a while I was having trouble figuring out how I wanted Dashandstir.com to show up in this digital space. The desire to find that answer literally ground my production to a halt, and I disappeared. What did I find out on the break? What I post in this space doesn’t need to be so linear. So there you have it friends. I was lost, but now I’m found.

Speaking of the lost and found, come chat with me on Dash & Stir’s Instagram.  Even if you come through with a “hey stranger,” or “hey big head,” I’ll understand. LOL It’s so well deserved. 


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