5 Black-Owned Coffee Shops/Cafes in Chicago

Chicagoans (or visitors), these Black-owned coffee shops/cafes are on my list because I haven’t visited them (gasp)! I’ve been living it up in Noe’s Kitchen Cafe lately, lol. Then I thought, if I haven’t been to visit yet (or didn’t know of them), maybe others could benefit from this post too!

Yes, we are in trying times on so many levels these days, but shifting dollars to circulate within the Black community is important, so let’s make it a priority! Even though I’m not venturing out much these days, I’m pledging to hit up each of these spots to show them a little love and support, but also to get some good food stuff because the streets are talking! I’m hearing great things! I hope you will join me in supporting these local spots too!

Where We’re Going

I kept this list of Black-owned coffee shops/cafes short on purpose. For me, it makes it a little less daunting to tackle. However, if you don’t see your fav spot listed, show them some love in the comments! I’ll add them to the Black-owned resource list I’ve started!

  1. Eméché Cakery and Cafe is in Bronzeville. I may consider walking or riding my bike here because all of the cakes, cookies, and pies look so tempting! 3453 S. Prairie Ave. Hours: Tues-Sat, 9am-4pm
  2. Paulette’s Public Market is in Pilsen next to Thalia Hall. It seems to have a little bit of everything, and based on the description, it’s basically a bodega.I can’t wait to pop in! 1221 W. 18th St. Hours: 10am-7pm daily
  3. Kyoto Black, founded by Justin Dogget is in Edgewater not too far away from the Loyola Campus. If you’re a cold brew fan, this is your spot. I’ve actually had this coffee before while at CoffeeCon and it’s amazing! I can’t wait to pop into the brick and mortar location. 1445 W. Devon Ave. Hours: Fri-Sun, 10am-1pm.
  4. Lizzy J Cafe is located in West Ravenswood right by Welles Park. She has this peach tea situation that I am totally looking forward to trying. 2205 W. Montrose Ave. Hours: Wed-Sat, 9am-3pm; Sun, 10am-3pm.
  5. Tea Pot Brew Bakery is in the South Loop a short walk from one of my fav shops The Lotus Den (It’s a black-owned metaphysical shop), so I will definitely be popping in soon! 1802 S. Wabash Ave. Hours: Fri, 8am-3pm; Sat-Sun, 8am-3pm.

Prefer to caffeinate from your kitchen? I get that, because it’s typically my preference as well. So in between my cafe visits, I’ll be in Noe’s Kitchen Cafe, lol! That means I’ll be making some upgrades soon. The top three things on the list? A burr grinder, a Chemex pour over Coffeemaker, and a gooseneck tea kettle!

New kitchen cafe tools or not, I hope you’ll stop by one of these Black-owned small businesses and show them some support! Take a pic and tag me on Instagram at @dashandstir when you do! 

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