Midweek Mixup: Old Fashioned

I’m re-fashioning an old fashioned cocktail today! I know I’m usually mixing up something myself, but today, I honestly just didn’t have it in me. It happens. Does this mean I won’t be having a cocktail? Absolutely not! Takeout Cocktails One of the good things born in these crazy times, […]

5 Black-Owned Coffee Shops/Cafes in Chicago

Chicagoans (or visitors), these Black-owned coffee shops/cafes are on my list because I haven’t visited them (gasp)! I’ve been living it up in Noe’s Kitchen Cafe lately, lol. Then I thought, if I haven’t been to visit yet (or didn’t know of them), maybe others could benefit from this post […]

Goat Cheese and Red Cherries Ice Cream Cone

5 Ice Cream Shops You Must Visit in Chicago

It’s summer, National Ice Cream Day is approaching, and because it’s delish, duh! Do you really need a reason to want a scoop of ice cream?  If you’re looking for a place to grab a scoop of deliciousness, keep reading! Of course there’s no way I can highlight all of […]

Dining and Distancing

Restaurants and bars have reopened for dining in, but I have one question: Who all is gonna be there? LOL Listen, I love going out to eat. Whether it is with my fiance, my friends, or by myself, nothing beats the freedom of sitting down to a restaurant prepared meal […]