Re-introducing Noelle

Oh Hey! Welcome Back!

Me in front of the fridge in a red lip and a Gary, IN tee. This pic basically sums up my personality. Oh hey! It’s been a while, so allow me to re-introduce myself…If you didn’t immediately start flowing Jay-Z, who are you even? LOL  If you’re new here, welcome! […]

June Eats, Booze & Treats

It’s official, #summertimechi has begun! Well, it’s not officially summer until later this month, but summer vibes are in full effect.While we’re waiting for the weather to catch on to the vibe, let’s get our calendars together! June is LIT with food and booze events. We’ve already missed a few […]

Chicago Restaurant Week 2019

As the 12th annual Chicago Restaurant Week starts to wind down (last call is Thursday, February 7th), I encourage you to get out and try a new restaurant. With nearly 400 restaurants participating, you have many options! The good news is you don’t have to break the bank to try […]

Upcoming Event: First Bites Bash!

This year, First Bites Bash will be held at the Field Museum where more than 70 restaurants and chefs from top Chicago restaurants will be in the building serving up tasty offerings. There will also be beer, wine and cocktails from sponsors on deck of course.

Top 7 Things I Learned at CoffeeCon Chicago

This was my first experience with CoffeeCon Chicago, and in short it is a caffeinated version of heaven. Unfamiliar? CoffeeCon is a craft coffee conference created with the enthusiastic consumer in mind. Imagine forty exhibitors serving up coffee and its best snack buds like donuts, cakes, chocolate, and my personal fav, […]

Impressed by Empress 1908 Gin

CONFESSION: Historically, I’m not a lover of gin. In fact, I’m pretty sure my first experiences with gin include pre-mixed gin and juice. I know what you’re thinking and yes, I’m sure this contributed to my adversarial relationship with gin. At the time though, it definitely contributed to my connection […]

Stir It Up with Samantha

It was a bright, yet mellow summer afternoon at The Promontory. The music was bumping and it was the perfect day and location to chat with our featured mixologist, Samantha Spencer, whose cocktail was starring on the menu there. Pears on Point, a nod to the neighborhood landmark and restaurant […]

Mother’s Day: Maggie’s Pound Cake

The month of May is chock full of things to celebrate; proms, graduations, and great weather to name a few. However, for me none of those celebrations compare to Mother’s Day! I know SO MANY amazing mothers and mother figures that I wouldn’t even know how not to celebrate you […]


Hey! Welcome to my digital baby, Dash & Stir! For those of you who know me, you know this has been a LONG time coming. Can you believe I finally pulled the trigger (like for real this time)? For those of you who don’t know me, let’s just say you […]

My 2018 Book List

New Year, New Books! Ahhh yaaaasssss! The smell of fresh book pages! I’m not a hard copy purist, but you can’t deny that there’s something awesome about the smell of a book! For the past few years, I’ve created what I like to call a Foundation List of books that I […]